On Sunday, 18-year-old Sjur T. Jonassen gained confidence from the start in the match against Raufoss. Sjur played at his best together with captain Robert Undheim and the strikers were an important factor in what was both a goal-rich, but also long-awaited victory at home.

Sjur came from Bogafjell to Bryne in 2021 and has played matches for both G19 and Bryne 2 in the 4th division. He has made several appearances for the A team in the OBOS league and on Sunday scored his first goal after just 8 minutes.

 – I didn’t quite understand it even when the ball went into the goal, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. To score at home in front of the fans… It was a big moment for me, says Sjur. 

The 18-year-old runs towards the B-Gang and together with him Robert comes running and grabs Sjur tightly, jubilant with joy.

 – It’s great to score goals, but it’s also great to play at the top with a club legend like Robert. He is someone who pulls you up and forward, he wants you to do your best and I learn a lot from him. He has certainly helped to influence me and my career to where I am now.

Sjur played almost the entire match, but towards the end he was replaced by his teammate and not least good friend, Marius Mattingsdal. Marius turned 18 just under a week ago and on Sunday he made his debut in the OBOS league.

 – I try not to think about it too much, but I am always ready if the opportunity presents itself. We got two early goals and when Robert increased the lead to 3-0, I started to feel a little hope of getting in, says Marius, who after the match was in charge of the celebration in the dressing room.  

In addition to the jump-in on Sunday, he also knew that there was an important match on Monday. Together with the rest of the G19 team, he was to travel south to play in the 16-part final in the NM. With the captain’s armband on his arm, the youngster played until extra time, in a match that was 2-2 after normal time. Bryne scored the decisive goal in the 1st extra round and thus progressed to the round of 8.

 – It is great to progress in the NM. It was a long trip by bus, but when we can top it with a win and further advancement in the NM, it doesn’t matter. It’s a great experience and one of the nicest things you get to be a part of as a footballer and it means a lot, says Marius.

Together with Sjur, they are two of the youngest in the A squad on Bryne’s men’s team. Then it is highly appreciated to have seasoned and experienced players around. Together, the two have talked a lot about getting to play games for the A team and score goals. Sjur made his debut against Åsane last autumn, when Marius sat on the bench and was happy for his friend. He also says that the two are good at pushing and supporting each other.

 – I hope for more appearances in the A team, I will do my best in training to get the opportunity. When the coach thinks I’m ready, I have to be too. In a training context, it is very safe and nice to have experienced players such as Robert, Rogvi and Landu, all three of whom have a lot of experience and who give good feedback. For me, it is important to welcome them, and in addition, I greatly appreciate that they are willing to learn from them, concludes Marius.

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