– The last few weeks have been very difficult. Not necessarily because we’ve lost so many games, but more because we can’t figure out the problem. I have thought a lot about what we can do differently, but I have not come up with a sensible answer, says Andreas Dybevik.

14th place in the table – qualifying place in the 1st division and the results of the Jær club in the last month are not pleasant reading:

In addition, the red jerseys quit the cup after a 1–3 loss to Vard Haugesund. Before the match against table jumbo Åsane, coach Kevin Knappen stated that they “turn over all stones”.

General manager Hans-Øyvind Sagen said before that game that the coach is safe.

But there are grumblings among the supporters. And the team has been kicked off the pitch.

 Not a topic of conversation

On Saturday, Bryne goes to Ulsteinvik to face coach Knappen’s old club Hødd in what will be the first in a series of several “must win” games.

– It will be very important. If we lose it, we are even further down the drain. At the same time, it only takes one win against Hødd and Raufoss, then we are suddenly up again, says Dybevik.

– What do you think about the coach’s position?

– I don’t want to say much about it. But we stand together as a group. This applies to both coaches, players and the administration. We’re going to turn this around.

Axel Kryger and Robert Undheim have been asked the same question.

He nevertheless understands that the questions about his position will come.

– I know the mechanisms in football. But we have to look more at what lies behind it, and not everyone is as good at analyzing that. Having said that, there are many matches in which we should have performed better.

– Lacks self-confidence

Taking the results into account – the players Aftenbladet has spoken to all say that the cohesion and atmosphere in the club is good.

It is also part of history that the red shirts have struggled with several injuries.

Eirik Franke Saunes and Robert Undheim have clashed in several matches. Against Sandnes Ulf, Abel Stensrud had to go out with a broken forearm. Against Skeid, Jens Husebø had to leave the pitch after a tough duel. Long-term injured Christian Røer and Anton Cajtoft are not back anytime soon either.

Both Undheim, Saunes and Husebø are uncertain about the match against Hødd.

– I have so many feelings for this club. It has been heavy. Therefore, it would have been extra “nice” to turn this around as a club, says Undheim.

The team has had several meetings, both individually and in groups, where the weak performances have been the theme.

During the national team break, the players were given a few days off to relax physically and mentally.

– Confidence is very important in football. A very good team can look very bad when it lacks confidence. I said before the season that we could challenge for the top six. I thought so too. I think we are clearly better than what we have shown, and I think people know that.

Kryger has to sit out the match against Hødd due to quarantine. Bryne will also face Raufoss at home and Moss away before the summer holidays.

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