In recent weeks, Håkon Gangstad has taken part in our training sessions, and proved himself worthy of a contract with Ranheim. Gangstad signs a contract that extends over 1.5 years.

Håkon originally comes from Strindheim via Rosenborg and to Dutch PEC Zwolle for the past 1.5 years. PEC Zwolle plays in the top division in the Netherlands, the Honors Division. Gangstad is a defensive player

As I said, it is a young Trønder who has gone through the degrees in Strindheim and RBK who is returning to Trondheim and Ranheim, which also fits our club profile. He also has two U18 caps for Norway. 

The first opportunity to see Gangstad in action is tomorrow away against Skeid. The next opportunity will be at home against Start on Sunday. 

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