The Konnerud boy has become part of Mjøndalen through 112 matches at various levels, and the club has been a big part of his upbringing in football, but everything has an end. Adrian wants more playing time, and he and the club have agreed on a transfer to OBOS rival Raufoss.

20 minutes to make a mark – in the referee’s book

Adrian had just turned 17, when he made the trip from Konnerud to the artificial grass in Mjøndalen, late in the summer of 2018. On 17 September, he played his first match for Mjøndalen on the recruit team, and after 20 minutes in brown he was rewarded with a yellow by the man in black. He caught the team’s last six games in a season that ended with promotion to the Norwegian Tipping league, after a fantastic 25 wins and one loss, 136-23 in goal difference, and a 15 point margin for second place.

In 2019, there were matches for both MIF2 and G19, where he got to taste his first of many victories over Brann og Godset. Against Pors on 22 May of the same year, he got his very first break into the A team, in the cup. Due to the pandemic, 2020 was a lean season in grassroots football, and Adrian was therefore this season on loan to Fram Larvik.

On 4 July 2021, Adrian got his first playing minutes in a league match for the A team, and his first Eliteserie match, when he came on for Walstad against LSK in the 85th minute. He got a total of 7 A-team matches, 6 in the elite series and one cup match. At Lerkendal, at the end of September, he was able to go out on the grass as part of the first eleven in an Elite Series match. The tall 20-year-old’s calmness and cool head were noticed by many.

Last year, the Konnerud boy was on the pitch in 26 out of 30 league games, most of them from the start, and as Nakkim’s regular partner in central defence, until he resigned last July. On 12 September, he became the match winner against Skeid, with the match’s only, and his first, league goal for the A team. In the match where a assembled Consto had just paid tribute to Vegard, Adrian was praised by teammates, while a pair of grandparents watched, proud and touched, from the balcony on the fifth floor.

We thank you and wish you continued success!

This year, there has been less playing time, and as a young boy with ambitions, it is understandable that he wants to move on. The club and Adrian have therefore agreed, and he is already on his way to his new club – Raufoss. Hansen is looking forward to getting started in the munitions city, but at the same time takes with him many good memories from Mjøndalen. A club he has grown up in as a child – following on the heels of his father in training, and where he himself has later progressed through the ranks from the junior team, 4th division, to the A-team and Eliteserie.

We thank Adrian Aleksander Hansen for the effort he has put in for the club over five years and a total of 112 matches, and wish him all the best with his further football career, and not least with the short nights in Vikersund.

Nedre Buskerud’s worst-kept football secret on Deadline Day: Mjøndalen is loaning Jesper Robertsen from Tromsø IL for the rest of the season.

Robertsen was born in 2004 and has studied at TIL since childhood.

– We wanted a player who could give us more competition at the back of the pitch, says sports director Bjørn Petter Ingebretsen about the youngster from the north, who can fill the roles of both full-back and winger.  

Despite his young age, Robertsen already has a lot of experience, and made his debut in the OBOS league for Gutan back in 2020. The Elite series debut came the following season, and this year there have been four new appearances for the team that has occasionally impressed in this year’s Elite series. In addition, there have been four matches in the NM as well as games for TIL’s second team, which, like the MIF recruits, plays in the Norwegian Tipping League.

Ingebretsen goes on to say that Robertsen has already impressed with his good attitudes.

– We expect a player who, in addition to increasing the quality in everyday training, brings with him both pace and duel play from the level above the OBOS league, and believe that Jesper can become an important piece for us in the run-up to the season, concludes the sports manager about our new player, who also have several international matches at an age-specific level.

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