– I am really looking forward to getting started. I was there on loan last year, and I really enjoyed myself then. I know a lot of the players, it’s the same coaches and I felt the way they played suited me very well. There have been some challenges with playing time for me here this spring, so I am betting on getting down there, playing and contributing to hopefully promotion with Arendal.

The team then played qualification for promotion, but it came to an abrupt halt when they met the superior power in Skeid last autumn.

– We had a very good autumn season, and I hope it is possible to repeat it.

– Unique gang and club

And it is the fact that he is getting playing time that was the triggering factor for the change of club.

– Yes absolutely. I don’t feel like I’ve played enough here this spring and want to go there to build some confidence and get in shape.

But saying goodbye to your teammates and leaving KIL is still not fun.

– It is very sad. I have been here for almost two and a half years and made friends for life. Everyone in and around the club are very nice people who you grow fond of. I have never been in an environment where I have enjoyed myself as much as in Kongsvinger. It has been absolutely great.

Marthinussen has seen several teammates say goodbye and take on new challenges elsewhere. What they all have in common is that everyone highlights the unique environment in the club and that no one leaves with a sour face.

– The gang here is completely unique. This applies not only to the players, but also to people who work at the club and people who are outside the club as well. It is a very close-knit club that will make it happen. A very nice and professional arrangement, and I have no sour faces when I leave here, absolutely not.

Incredibly loyal

He finished in 54 games and four goals for the club after the transfer from Øygarden in 2021. Marthinussen definitely does not regret the choice to come to KIL.

– Absolutely not. I would have liked to have played a little more than I have, but when I look back on my time in KIL, it has been a nice journey, with promotion and now we are at the top of the OBOS league. I will never forget my time here.

Sporting director Espen Nystuen sends a big thank you to Marthinussen for his contribution to the club, and can hardly praise him enough.

– Sander is an incredibly loyal player, who has never complained despite the fact that he has not been given as much playing time as either he or we as a club would like. His professionalism is an example to follow, says Nystuen, and adds:

– We see that Sander would have been nice for us to have finished the season, but at the same time we also want to help him further when he gets the opportunity for what could be a promotion with Arendal. Sometimes you also have to make some choices that are best for the player.

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