Thomas Klemetsen Jakobsen, better known as “Klem” came to YMCA from Moss before the 2022 season. Now the striker returns to his old club Moss after a year and a half at Ekeberg.

The man from Stavanger scored his first goal in the OBOS league in this year’s series opener against Sogndal and thus secured our first point for the season.

Klem was also hot in this year’s pre-season, but after scoring in the first OBOS league match of the year, his playing time was limited. Thus, we have now agreed with Moss on a permanent agreement for the striker.

– We play a little differently now, with 4-3-3 it suited a striker like Thomas. When we changed it was a little different, and it became more difficult to find a position in that type of formation for that type of player. It has had a bit to say. Like everyone else, he wants playing time, and then it was appropriate to return to Moss, says Daniel Fredheim Holm, responsible for player logistics.

Thomas wants to thank you for the opportunity he got at the YMCA.

– Thank you for the opportunity I was given. It was a bummer that it didn’t go as we hoped. I wish everyone the best of luck for the rest of the season!

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