On Saturday 15.00, Sandnes-Ulf will visit EXTRA Arena. The team is currently in twelfth place in the table, but only six points behind Ranheim. So it will be an important match for both teams. All matches are of course important in this year’s OBOS league if you want to hang on for a qualification place, as close and even as it is. There is a difference of 10 points from first place to 8th place.

Sandnes-Ulf is a team we have struggled with in recent years away from home, but at home we have decent statistics against them at home. Last year we lost both at home and away. Whereas the year before we beat them all 4-0 at home, but lost away. in 2020 it was a draw at home and a loss away. So on Saturday it’s time to get a home win again.

Two pieces of good news ahead of the game are that John H is back fit for action, and Nicklas Frenderup is back, after Trinidad and Tobago were knocked out of the Gold Cup.

There are often many goals and close matches when Ranheim and Sandnes Ulf meet, so we are betting that as many people as possible will make the trip to the EXTRA Arena on Saturday at 15.00 and create a perfect setting and support the team in an important match, before OBOS- the league takes a break.

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