Kjetil André Bergh has been acting general manager of Mjøndalen Football since last August. First on a voluntary basis and then in a temporary 50% position from 01.01.23 to help the club in a transition phase after Berenike Wulfsberg retired from MIF football last summer. 

Now the club and Bergh have decided to trigger a clause in the agreement with Mjøndalshallen where Bergh is employed 100% as general manager. 

– There was a clause to terminate the contract from 30/6 and that is the clause we have now used” , says Tom Henrik Rogstad, chairman of Mjøndalen Fotball. ” We are now working to find solutions in both the short and long term for who will lead the club forward. We will come back when we have something to report” .

Rogstad further says that there is no drama in this decision, but that the club now wants to find a long-term solution to who will lead the club on a daily basis going forward. 

Bergh says to

–  It must seem very strange that I choose to give up now. But my starting point was to contribute during a transition period with many changes in the club. It was a demanding autumn in 2022 and the spring of 2023 has also taken its toll. Being general manager in such a large organization as MIF football in a 50% commitment becomes too demanding to combine with my regular job and family life over time. The total load is too great and I feel that I am not reaching and getting a good enough job done for the club. It is a great responsibility and an important role for which I have great respect. Therefore, it is better to speak up now so that the club can use the autumn to find a permanent solution for the general manager job in football. I will still be part of the club and contribute on a voluntary basis during a transition phase and in the future .”

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