As a 16-year-old Rasmus Opdal Christiansen went from Lillehammer to the big Dutch club Heerenveen. 

After 3 years internationally, Opdal Christiansen returns to Norwegian football. Today it became clear that the talented winger is ready for Kongsvinger on a 3.5-year contract.

– This will be great fun. KIL is a nice club and there is a good team here. I think this will be great, says the 19-year-old.

Opdal Christiansen is from Lillehammer and has previously also played in Roterud. Now he comes home to Norway with a lot of experience under his belt. 

Experienced adversity

– I have learned a lot about football in Heerenveen. But then I had a bit of bad luck with a lot of injuries and the corona situation. In addition, I had problems in the family with my father passing away. So it was really a lot of hardship and a lot of mental training. I had to focus and be very patient. Now I’m really looking forward to playing football at KIL in the future, says Opdal Christiansen.

19-year-olds tell more about their years in Heerenveen:

– It was a big step to take, but I really got off to a good start. I got to play a number of matches, but then the corona situation came.

– I have become used to training at a high level over time, and have become more mentally strong after experiencing a lot of adversity. I have learned a lot from adversity and believe it can make me better able to tolerate difficult situations in the future, continues Opdal Christiansen.

The new KIL player has played against big clubs such as AZ, PSV and Ajax. He has been with U17, U18 and U21 in Heerenveen. 

– But due to the injury situation, I didn’t get a chance in the first team. Now I want to play senior football, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity I’ve been given in KIL now.  

While Opdal Christiansen has been in Heerenveen, he has been followed up at upper secondary school by NTG Kongsvinger. 

– It has worked very well, and there has been very good follow-up, says the 19-year-old. 

The youngster has one year left in upper secondary school since he takes upper secondary school over 4 years.

– Incredibly good environment here

Now the 19-year-old is happy to be in place at Kongsvinger. He has made a very good impression on the club. 

– It seems like an incredibly good environment here. It is important for good performance. It’s a slightly colder environment in the Netherlands, and that’s important for my motivation as well. There are nice people in and around the team.

– What can you contribute?

– I am an attacking player and hope to be able to contribute with my speed and contribute to fun football. I like to play wing that can contribute with speed, runs in the back, 1v1 and posts. Hope to be able to be someone who contributes to creating chances. 

– And what is the ambition?

– It is to do the best I can. Hard to know, but I want to play as many minutes as possible and establish myself in the team. We’ll see how it goes, but the team is in a very good position at the top of the table and I hope to be able to contribute to promotion. 

Opdal Christiansen has signed a 3.5-year contract with KIL. 

Satisfied KIL boss

Espen Nystuen is very pleased to have Rasmus in place, the club’s newest addition. 

– We are very pleased to have Rasmus in place. He has been training with us for a long time, and shows very clearly that he wants to play for us. It is a very good starting point.

– Rasmus has very good football physique with speed as his main weapon, continues Nystuen. 

The KIL manager is confident that the 19-year-old can contribute already, but also has a long-term plan for him. 

– We hope that we can benefit from Rasmus already this year. But we have to let the boy have his time before we can expect too much. With time, hard work and patience, I am absolutely sure that Rasmus can become really, really good, he says.

Opdal Christiansen has, as mentioned, attended NTG Kongsvinger and received close follow-up from teachers and coaches there. Nystuen boasts a good collaboration with NTG Kongsvinger. 

– I take this opportunity to brag about the collaboration we have with NTG, and the follow-up Rasmus has received there while he has been in Herenveen. 

– Now we are looking forward to getting to know Rasmus even better, and looking forward to showing him off to the Gjemselund audience, concludes the KIL boss. 

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