Anders Hiim has signed a contract with Sarpsborg 08 until the 2027 season. (Photo: Nanco Hoogstad) Read more about the transition here.

An adventurous journey

The Bogafjell boy has had an incredible journey since he was picked up at the A-team training by Bjarne Berntsen in autumn 2021.

The coaches saw the potential early on and Hiim had an adventurous development that winter, and has played mostly regularly for the past 2 seasons.

In total, there were 46 games, one goal and eleven assists for Hiim, who has also been given the chance in the U-national team and has been noticed both at home and abroad. 

Hiim: – Very grateful

– First of all, I would like to thank you for the time in Sandnes Ulf. I have had a fantastic time since I arrived and am very grateful for the opportunities I have been given by the club and the coaches.

– I have gotten to know a lot of handsome people in and around the club and would like to thank the fellow players, coaches, supporters and partners for 2 very handsome and eventful years.

Hiim is looking forward to the opportunities he will get in the elite series club Sarpsborg 08:

– It will be very exciting, I think I have a good chance of playing and I like the team’s style of play, so I just have to work hard in training and show that I deserve it, says Hiim.

Elvestad pays tribute to Hiim

Managing director Øystein Elvestad pays tribute to the development Hiim has had in recent years:

– In his time at the club, Anders has shown loyalty, humility, a willingness to learn and an enormous hunger to get a little better every single day. It has resulted in him almost from nothing becoming one of the OBOS league’s best players in his position, becoming a national team player and an interesting player for clubs both at home and abroad. I want to single out Bjarne and the coaching team who took him into the heat and once again show qualities in developing their own players. As I understand it, Anders intends to join the team in Sarpsborg 08, that has also been important for us in this process.

– Anders will of course be missed, but we feel confident that Berland/Stølås will seize the opportunities going forward, says Elvestad.

– Anders has shown that everything is possible and we look forward to following the development further. It is also nice that the parent club Bogafjell IL gets part of the transfer fee, he continues.

– There are several youngsters who are on the way up and I consider the future of Sandnes Ulf to be extremely exciting! This should give inspiration to all the other exciting youngsters who already exist in their own club and in the region, concludes Elvestad.

We thank Anders for a wonderful time in Sandnes Ulf, and wish him the best of luck with new challenges in Sarpsborg 08!

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