Was head coach in Moss

Marijo Jovic is from Croatia, but has been in Norway for many years and is established with her family in Drøbak. In his home country, he worked as a coach in one of the country’s bigger clubs, Osijek, before coming to Norway in 2016. After impressing with Follo, he was brought to Moss and the Postnord league towards the end of 2018. Here he was head coach until the end of 2020. In recent years he has been in Drøbak/Frogn, first as sporting director, but this year also as head coach for the first team. 

From 20 July, the FFK applies to Marijo, then he will be in place when the first team starts training again after a short summer break.

“After two wonderful years in DFI Football, where I experienced a lot of good things and made friendships, I decided that the time had come to get back on the field. After conversations with Mikkjal and Joacim, I felt that the timing and the opportunity were now. I know FFK from my time in Moss and know that FFK is a club with ambitions and professionalism. I have great faith in what the club can achieve and I will work hard to contribute to the development of FFK. I look forward to creating many good memories together with everyone at the club. 

I must also say a big thank you to Vidar, Even, the players’ group and everyone at DFI who have shown great understanding of my choice.” Tells Marijo. 

Also strengthens the Development Department

The strengthening of the coaching staff for the first team has also been done with the Development Department in FFK in mind. With Marijo in, some more time is freed up for Stian Johnsen as Top Player Developer, so that he can contribute in both departments. 

“It has been a demanding situation for a few months with a high workload on the coaches at the club, both on the first team and in the Development Department. This appointment primarily strengthens the team on the first team, but it also provides much-needed resources to the Development Department by Stian will free up time to contribute more there. We have been working on this for a while and are very happy that we have managed to attract such a skilled and dedicated professional as Marijo”. Joacim Heier tells. 

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