• Moss Football Club was founded on August 28, 1906, under the name Moss Idrettsforening. Initially, the club participated in various sports, including football, athletics, skiing, and handball.
  • In the early years, Moss IF achieved success in athletics, winning several national championships. However, football soon became the most popular and successful section of the club.
  • Throughout its history, Moss FK has had periods in both the top and lower divisions of Norwegian football. They have experienced success in the top tier and also faced relegation to the lower divisions.
  • Moss FK’s first major success came in 1953 when they won the Norwegian Cup, defeating Fredrikstad FK 4-0 in the final. This victory remains the club’s only Norwegian Cup triumph to date.
  • In the 1960s and 1970s, Moss FK enjoyed a period of sustained success. They competed in the top tier (then known as the Norwegian First Division) and consistently finished in the upper half of the league table.
  • The club’s most successful period came in the 1980s. In the 1985 season, Moss FK won the Norwegian First Division and secured promotion to the top flight, known as the Norwegian Elite League at the time.
  • In their debut season in the Norwegian Elite League (1986), Moss FK finished in a respectable fifth place. They continued to compete at the highest level of Norwegian football for several seasons.
  • In recent years, Moss FK has mainly competed in the lower divisions, occasionally in the third tier (Norwegian Second Division) and fourth tier (Norwegian Third Division).
  • The club’s home matches are played at Melløs stadion in Moss, which has a capacity of around 9,500 spectators.

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