– Everyone is very hungry for revenge and we have worked to find ourselves back and the security we had earlier in the season. We have everything to gain, nothing to defend. We are in an attacking position and we must dare to be ourselves, says an offensive Kåre Ingebrigtsen before Saturday’s game.

The head coach thinks that Ranheim’s opponents have been given too easy working conditions in recent games, as the team has been predictable and easy to counter. He is clear that should be avoided against Sandnes Ulf. – We must dare to play, but with a certain cynicism. On Saturday, it’s about three points, he says.

– The most important thing for us is to trust our own skills. We were more patient earlier in the season. We’ve been too busy with the ball, and it seems like we have to all the time. We have to be calmer and take the chances that present themselves. Then we have to get better at keeping a clean sheet. We mostly always score goals, but now we concede too much, elaborates the head coach.

After the match against Sandnes Ulf, almost a whole month awaits without OBOS football for Ranheim. The football holiday is always a good break for the players, but before that it’s about being able to go into the holiday with the best possible feeling, according to Ingebrigtsen;

– With three points and a good performance here, we have had an approved spring season and can face the autumn with a good starting point. Then we are within range and it is a short way up.

Before this weekend’s round, Ranheim has 20 points from 14 games, while Sandnes Ulf has 14 from as many games played. During these games, Ranheim has had several away games, including against the promotion favorites in the league.

– It’s up to us. We have met many people who are really good to us, but we have messed it up for ourselves. Now we will attack the weekend and the last game before the holidays. On a good day we beat Sandnes Ulf – and we will have a good day on Saturday, concludes Ingebrigtsen.

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