We had a chat with Kåre about what everyday life has been like while there have been two weeks off from fighting, and also about our new mercenary’s skills.

– I think it was good that there was a break, because it was a tough period that ended with the Kongsvinger match. Where there were a few weeks with both league matches and cup matches. So we took a few days off after the Kongsvinger match, then we trained for a few days, and took the weekend off at the weekend, so we trained well all this week. So now we are looking forward to Saturday’s match against Mjøndalen at Ekstra Arena on Saturday, but it has been good to have a little time off, says Kåre.

On Monday, it also became clear that Sebastian Tounekti is ready to play for Ranheim. He comes on a short-term loan from Haugesund. One player Kåre describes as follows: – He fits in very well with the way we want to play football. He has shown up at training this week, and he looks good. While he has some experience, he is a boy who needs to come here to play some games. He also has a lot of offensive potential, so we can’t wait to see him in a Ranheim uniform. Kåre concludes by revealing that he will probably get his first chance against Mjøndalen, Saturday at 3pm at Ekstra Arena

At the same time, he points out that there is now a new energy in the team after a short break, and at the same time more smiles and laughter during training during the day.

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