General manager and sporting director Fredrik Greve Monsen was not surprised when Aalesund came to the pitch to secure Håkon Butli Hammer’s signature.

On Wednesday afternoon, it became clear that Christian Johnsen and Aalesund secured the signature of Håkon Butli Hammer, who has been part of Raufoss’ midfield since 2021.

In a troubled financial situation, the player sale did not come as a direct shock, but probably as a small surprise for the Raufoss fans.

– An honor to play for that club here, said Håkon Butli Hammer in his first interview with the club on their website after the transfer was a fact.

On the same day, Count Monsen states that they have a new player in the stable. Attacker Matheus Vieira has signed a contract. He entered the scoring list when Raufoss waltzed over the neighborhood of Kolbu KK on Wednesday.

– Never good timing

General manager and sporting director at Raufoss Fotball, Fredrik Greve Monsen, is clear that the sale will be good, at the same time that it is boring to lose such a player as Hammer.

– What does the sale of Håkon mean?

– It means something in relation to improving the economic foundation. It is still the case that Raufoss must be careful on the cost side and increase income, in order to get as close to the target as possible. In any case, a positive sale, says Count Monsen.

– What does it mean to lose a player like him?

– It is never a good time to lose the most important and best players. At the same time, we have to put up with a sale every now and then. We must be a development club, be attractive to young, hungry players who want to take the next step. When there is a sale like this, others have to step up, and opportunities open up to bring in others who can hopefully take steps that in turn mean we get sales, he continues.

Better in autumn than in spring

Fredrik Greve Monsen believes that everything is in order for Raufoss to succeed better in the autumn season than they did in the spring.

– It will be a battle for survival. If we ignore the financial aspect, is it right to sell Hammer?

– We believe we have all the prerequisites to do better this autumn than this spring. At the same time, in our situation and in relation to the club we want to be where we as a club develop players to the next level, it is something we have to endure as I said.

It is currently uncertain who will be brought in as Hammer’s replacement.

– It is too early to say. A midfield anchor is an important position in any team. There are different types. Have kept in mind that it could happen, so we are not completely unprepared. We work with different players. We haven’t landed anything. It may be relevant with a short-term solution, for example at the end of the year. In the best case, a new Håkon Hammer you can have for a few years and develop to the next level, he says.

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