• Raufoss IL Fotball was founded in 1918. Initially, the club participated in various sports, including football, athletics, and skiing.
  • Raufoss primarily competed in the lower divisions of Norwegian football, often in the third tier (Norwegian Second Division) and occasionally in the fourth tier (Norwegian Third Division).
  • In the early 2000s, Raufoss experienced a period of success and gained promotion to the Norwegian First Division (second tier). They competed in the First Division for the first time in the 2001 season.
  • Raufoss’ stay in the First Division was short-lived, as they faced relegation back to the lower divisions after the 2002 season.
  • The club continued to compete in the lower divisions and made efforts to regain their position in the higher tiers of Norwegian football.
  • Raufoss experienced a resurgence in the 2010s. In the 2018 season, they won the Norwegian Second Division Group 1 and earned promotion to the Norwegian First Division.
  • Raufoss made their return to the Norwegian First Division in the 2019 season. They achieved a solid eighth-place finish in their comeback season.
  • In the 2020 season, Raufoss had a remarkable campaign and finished in second place in the Norwegian First Division. This secured them a spot in the promotion play-offs, where they faced Aalesunds FK. Unfortunately, Raufoss was unable to secure promotion, losing the play-off tie.
  • Raufoss continues to compete in the Norwegian First Division, aiming to establish themselves as a competitive club in the second tier of Norwegian football.
  • The club’s home matches are played at Nammo Stadion in Raufoss, which has a capacity of around 3,000 spectators.

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