KRISTIANSAND: On Thursday afternoon, at the same time that Start was making its final preparations for the match against Jerv on Friday, Start’s board, as well as general manager Terje Marcussen and sporting director Magni Fannberg sat in a meeting at Sparebanken Sør Arena.

The club has been through a turbulent period, where internal disagreements and cooperation problems have characterized the club.

As Fædrelandsvennen has previously mentioned, the Start board wanted to part ways with the 43-year-old sports manager from Iceland.

On Thursday, he was summoned to a discussion meeting. What came out of the meeting, which ended shortly after 4pm on Thursday, is unknown.

Managing director Terje Marcussen rolled down the window when he drove home from Sparebanken Sør Arena with the following message:

– No comment.

Fædrelandsvennen has been in contact with Magni Fannberg’s lawyer, Marianne Klausen, who reports that they do not want to say anything either.

– We have nothing to comment on now.

Fædrelandsvennen has also been in contact with the chairman of IK Start, Ole Magnus Skisland, after the meeting. He is also tight-lipped.

– So far no comment. Full focus on the Jerv game, he writes in an SMS.

While the others left the meeting room, Fannberg stayed behind with his lawyer.

Focus on the match

Although the meeting took place at the same time as Start was preparing for the Jerv match, Start coach Sindre Tjelmeland says that his focus is exclusively on the match against Jerv.

– I haven’t thought for a second about the meeting taking place there, says Tjelmeland and nods towards the meeting rooms on the fourth floor of the arena.

– I didn’t know when it started or whether they were in progress or finished while we were training, says Tjelmeland, and is agreed by Robstad.

– We don’t want to interfere too much in what happens behind the scenes. That we can come here in the sun and look forward to playing football against Jerv is what we really want. It will be the game of the year, says Robstad, who has previously played for Jerv.

Between five and six thousand people are expected when Arne Sandstø’s men from Grimstad come to visit on Sankthansaften.

Ahead of the battle for Sørlandet, Jerv is in seventh place – the place above Start. They have taken one more point after twelve played series rounds. Wolverines profile Iman Mafi says there is little that tastes better than beating the rivals.

– Winning matches is the most delicious thing there is. That’s the only reason you play football. And when you win local matches, it’s all the more delicious. We will without a doubt go out there to take all three points, says Mafi.

Handed out flyers

Earlier in the day, several of the Start players took part in handing out leaflets to passers-by on Markens gate to advertise the “battle for Southern Norway”.

– I did not expect to see so many people at Markens. It is very nice to meet them before such a big game, says Emir Derviskadic.

– I have never played against Jerv myself. I’ve only heard a lot about those games. It is a big game, which means a lot to both teams.

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