Sogndal Football and Vancouver Football Club have entered into a one-year loan agreement for Alejandro Díaz Liceaga.

– There has been a dialogue with Alejandro over time as it has been difficult for him to get enough playing time. Together we came to the conclusion that this loan is right for the player, says Håvard Flo.

Alejandro and his family have enjoyed themselves very much here in Sogndal, and this was a very difficult decision for him.

– Jamming with playing time is important for Diaz, who now gets a restart in a league he knows well from before, where he was a top scorer and a prominent player in his team, Flo continued.

Although things have sometimes been difficult for Diaz in Sogndal, he has been very professional towards the team, and I have gotten to know a very likeable boy.

– Diaz is healthy and a wonderful person, says Flo.

We hope that the loan will do Alejandro good and want him to close in Vancouver.

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