Emil Grønn Pedersen (25) is in the last month of his contract with Start. Now he does not hide the fact that he is disappointed by what he believes is a “lack of dialogue” from Start regarding his future.

KRISTIANSAND: – I haven’t heard anything. I find it incredibly strange that I haven’t heard anything from either the coaching staff, the board or the athletic director. The dialogue is not present at all, says Emil Grønn Pedersen.

The striker was the team’s top scorer in the run-up to the season, but since the start of the series has struggled with both injuries and little playing time.

This season he has only had four appearances in a total of 45 minutes.

Now there are things that indicate that he may be done with the club in a short time. Grønn Pedersen has an agreement with Start that expires on 1 August. And when he meets Fædrelandsvennen after Start training on Wednesday, he does not hide the fact that he is disappointed that he has not heard anything from the club regarding his future in Start.

– I feel that they must have some respect for my situation and come and talk to me. Regardless of whether it’s “you continue” or “we don’t think you’ll continue”, I want to have a dialogue about it and a confirmation of what they think. It is not present at all.

– What do you think that it is like that?

– Of course it’s boring. I’m disappointed, but that’s how it is. There’s not much I can do about it. We have done our best to try to contact the club, but we have not heard anything back, the Start striker replies.

– Incorrect

Start’s sports director, Magni Fannberg, does not want to go into Grønn Pedersen’s contract situation, but denies that there has been any dialogue between the parties about it.

– There has certainly been dialogue with his representatives about the situation, and we have explained to them how things are with us. So it is not true that there has been no dialogue, says Fannberg – and adds that the financial situation at the club must be clarified before Start can make more agreements.

– We are in a position where we have to look over the financial situation. Once we have gained clarity on that, we can start talking to everyone who is on expiring contracts, he says.

Will continue in Start

Grønn Pedersen says that there are several clubs in both the 2nd division and the 1st division that have shown an interest in his signature. He makes no secret of the fact that he could be done with the club in a short time, as the situation looks right now.

– Yes, that’s how it looks now, he says.

– There has been a lot of thinking, especially in the last two months where I really expected the club to make contact. Nothing concrete has come from other places now, but some interest has been reported. Then we’ll see what I choose to do. I would prefer to continue playing in the 1st division, he adds.

At the same time, he does not rule out the possibility of continuing in Start, should the club come up with an offer for an extension.

– I grew up with Start, and have the club in my blood. So there is nothing I would like to do more than to continue here.

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