Now we are really ready to burn. We’ve had a lot of people at training recently, and we’re really looking forward to the match. It will be absolutely perfect for us, says Start coach Sindre Tjelmeland to Fædrelandsvennen.

On Friday evening, it’s the battle for Sørlandet, when Start receives a visit from Jerv at the Sparebanken Sør Arena on Sankthansaften.

Start is in a crisis, both on and off the pitch. Sindre Tjelmeland’s men have lost three matches in a row, and at management level there are major cooperation problems and internal disagreements.

The day before the match, sporting director Magni Fannberg will, among other things, attend a discussion meeting, where the board, as far as Fædrelandsvennen knows, wants to remove him as the club’s sporting director.

Despite that, the Start coach has received several good news during the break that has been after the loss to Fredrikstad on 11 June.

Because in the build-up to the match against Jerv, there are now only three players who are out with injuries and unavailable for the match; Jack Lahne, Eirik Schulze and Jon-Helge Tveita.

Start has at most had twelve outfield players injured this season, but now all players are ready for duty on Friday – with the exception of the three mentioned above.

– This is good news for us. People have been fully trained. Several players have also played matches for the second team, without any adjustments. So now we are really ready to give bånn gas on Friday, says Tjelmeland.

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