This spring, funds have been applied for various projects in the club and it is with great pleasure that we can say that we have been awarded NOK 500,000 from the Sparebankstiftinga Jæren, Time- og Hå (Jæren Sparebank) for the renovation of the clubhouse.

Managing director Hans-Øyvind Sagen says that this money will initially be largely linked to upgrading the training room.

The large row of windows to the south must be replaced, and the ventilation system must be upgraded for the clubhouse as a whole, especially for the training room, says Sagen before continuing; When Sparebankstiftinga Jæren, Time- og Hå gives us this mandate with allocated funds, “renovation of the clubhouse”, we will also have a very good starting point to be able to use more financial funds effectively for the total renovation of the clubhouse.

Hans Øyvind elaborates on this a little: We have applied for a Game Fund and grant from Time municipality for both training rooms, renovation of the clubhouse and, not least, upgrading the changing facilities. If we also receive these grants, which will amount to a maximum of 2/3 of the funding need, we can allocate added funds from the Sparebankstiftinga to fully finance several of these important renovation projects. We are in a good circle regarding to be able to increase the investments in an upgraded clubhouse for both the wide, youth academy and top football. A few years further on, we think that the A teams will move out of the clubhouse and into new premises under a new main stand for Bryne Stadium. New Bryne Stadium will be our biggest development project. When the new Bryne Stadium is ready,

Work on the training room will start in August and will hopefully be finished in good time before the arrival of autumn.

 – The windows on the 2nd floor of the clubhouse have long been ripe for replacement. Now we can face an autumn and winter without being afraid that the window frames to the south will fall out, concludes Hans-Øyvind with a twinkle in his eye.

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