Yesterday we gathered for a barbecue after the men’s team’s training outside the clubhouse together with the players, coaches, supporters and staff at the club. It cannot be understated that it has been a difficult period recently.

We had a good discussion about important issues. But when the first question came from the supporters, especially with a comment that the head coach is responsible for the confidence of the team, captain Robert Undheim broke in. He pointed out that the confidence of the team is not about one man alone.

 – We hope that a gathering like this can help to bring back the feeling of unity between the supporters and the club. It is understandable that there are a lot of emotions and that people have opinions when we lose games. If we are to get anywhere, it is important that each of the players and coaches do everything we can to improve our performances, added Robert. 

The background for yesterday’s social gathering was to air opinions and discuss how we can lift the team together, says general manager Hans Øyvind Sagen. 

 – We are lucky to have a strongly committed supporter group. That’s why we invited an open meeting to have a good discussion outside of match day. The team obviously needs all the support they can get – especially when the going gets tough. But we also have to be maddened enough to put up with a bit of pressure and opinions from super-committed supporters. It should motivate us extra to stand up and show the will to win. 

Kevin told us that in the club we are not concerned with pointing fingers at each other, but that together we must stand together to reverse the negative trend. Everyone wants to win games. 

The following day, Hans Øyvind wants to highlight the wish that came from Robert that everyone should stand together in this turnaround operation.

 – We feel that there are divided opinions about this among the supporters. Some would rather point to a scapegoat when things go badly. We just have to take note of that, and then we get others to bend their backs in droves and show that we are able to get out of the wave valley again.

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