– It’s incredibly nice and this has long been a goal of mine. Ever since I was little, I’ve dreamed of this!

Berland was first with Sandnes Talent for several years, before he announced a transfer to Sandnes Ulf as a 16-year-old after playing all his life in the parent club Bogafjell.

– I had a great upbringing in Bogafjell, and would like to thank the club for the good follow-up all these years. There are many coaches and team managers who have meant a lot, but I particularly want to single out Frank Eikeskog, who has done an absolutely incredible job with our litter, he says. 

The youngster took part in the training camp last winter and was also allowed to start the first match and since then has trained regularly with the A team and also made his debut in the OBOS league:

– It was great to be able to take part in the training camp and I appreciate the trust I have received and want to show that I can take the level.

– The OBOS league is a high level, but a level I believe I will be able to work my way into with time, says Berland.

The names Berland and Sandnes Ulf together are known to many and Erik has several family members who have worn the light blue jersey:

– I have had several family members who have played here over the years, including my father who was captain, and in addition my grandfather has also played here.

– So it’s extra fun that I get this opportunity and I want to grab it with both hands, concludes Berland before getting into the car to participate as a guest along with several other Sandnes Ulf players at the soccer school in Bogafjell.

Managing director Øystein Elvestad says the following about the signing of Berland:

– Together with the coaching team, we made a plan at the start of the year that Berland should use the spring to adapt to the A team in everyday training. His presence, loyalty and desire to develop have not gone unnoticed, and it is with great pleasure that we are now signing a contract with Erik until the 2024 season, says Elvestad.

– This is what we call hard work over time and it is with pride that we can offer Berland his first professional contract. We also want to thank Bogafjell with Arild Sværen and Arnt Ove Ivesdal at the head for a smooth and good process!

We congratulate Erik on his professional contract and look forward to following his further development in light blue!

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