It was finally clarified when Holtan put his name on the agreement in the office of sporting director Espen Nystuen on Thursday morning. 

– I have been very positive about this, but stayed a bit away from the process and focused on what I have to do on the field, really. Those around me have had good conversations and now it has been possible, says Holtan.

– It has worked very well and I have enjoyed myself both on and off the pitch. The results have come along with that, after all, it is part of what has meant that this is now in the box. That things have gone the way we wanted when I first came here on loan. The parties have liked each other and then it was really natural that there was a transition.

Holtan had his thoughts and expectations before he came to the club on loan, the day before leaving for the training camp in Marbella in February. They have largely corresponded to how it has been until now, just under half a year later.

So far, it is top of the table and first place on the top scorer list in the OBOS league.

– Those are the two things I wanted to achieve when I came here. Of course I wanted to score a lot of goals. I am a striker and the type of player who loves it, while the most important thing is the team. When you come to a club as a newcomer, you have to try to introduce yourself and fit into the team and settle in. I feel that it has been very natural here, and when we are at the top of the table, it is very nice.

KIL Toppfotball may not always be like all other clubs, with its location, types and grades.

– Actually, it suits me perfectly. I am from a village, Øvrebø, which is a little outside Vennesla, which in turn is a little outside Kristiansand. In a way, Kongsvinger is a bit the same for Oslo as Vennesla is for Kristiansand. So I feel at home, a village that is a little outside a big city. Then there are quite a few characters and it is very fun and interesting to be around.

With two and a half years on the contract, you can start dreaming about where the club will be when it ends. But Holtan is focused on the here and now.

– First of all, I want to take it year by year. Now the goal is to try to fight for points, and if we are where we are after the end of the season that would be excellent, but the goal for the club is to be there to fight, so if we had come in third or fourth place and what is it inside. But if we manage to move up, it is of course gold.

Then it’s really just a matter of looking forward to more dance shows as a goal celebration from the KIL striker.

Sporting director Espen Nystuen is naturally very pleased with today’s signing.

– We had an option in the agreement when we loaned him before the season, and could use it to buy him free from the contract in Haugesund. We have done that. We see that Holtan is a notorious goalscorer, and we consider it a good investment, says Nystuen, and adds:

– Now he has nine goals in 13 games, and I don’t know where it will end. But the fact that he will be around 20 meters in the river is natural. He is also a nice boy, and works hard and perseveres, so we are very happy with this.

– Has he delivered as expected or even better?

– He has delivered exactly as expected. This was according to plan, says Nystuen with a smile.

On Sunday, KIL will meet Start, which Holtan was in on loan last autumn, at Gjemselund. Kick-off is at 15.

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