Emanuel Grønner said goodbye to the Jerv fans after Saturday’s wild goal celebration at Levermyr. Sogndal confirmed on Sunday that the striker will be brought back before the match against Jerv.

– Votes, Håvard Flo confirmed to Agderposten late on Sunday evening.

Flo is manager of player logistics at Sogndal FK.

The loan agreement between Sogndal and division rival FK Jerv om Grønner was initially supposed to expire on 31 July.

Not sure if he plays

Now the forward is brought back to Sogndal already before the match against Jerv at Fosshaugane Campus next Saturday.

– Can he, in theory, play against Jerv?

– No decision has been made on that yet, Flo answered.

Emanuel Grønner confirmed a long time ago himself on Saturday that he said goodbye to the Jerv supporters after the incredible 4-3 triumph against YMCA Oslo.

– Was this your last home game?

– Most likely, yes, the 22-year-old told Agderposten after the goal orgy at Levermyr.

Then the young football talent also stated that he would “most likely” not play for Jerv against Sogndal.

Thought an immediate return was natural

According to general manager Jon Ole Reinhardsen of FK Jerv, the recall to Sogndal had not come when Agderposten was in contact with him at 19:00 on Sunday.

Three hours later, confirmation came from Sogndal FK that it is happening.

– Sogndal have the opportunity to bring him back whenever they want. So it is entirely up to them, Reinhardsen reported.

At the same time, we wondered if a special agreement had been made that Grønner should not play for Jerv against Sogndal, but could still stay in Jerv until 31 July.

– No, it has not been agreed. But considering that Sogndal is the last game before the holiday, it is very natural that they bring him back before then. At least I would have done that, Reinhardsen replied before Sogndal took the chance.

Match winner in two games

Grønner has really managed to make his mark during his short loan spell at FK Jerv.

In a month and a half, he has netted four times in nine games:

* One goal in the 3–0 victory against Mandalskamatereten in the cup

* Two goals and match winner in the 3–2 victory against Sandnes Ulf in the 1st division

* One goal and match winner in the 1–0 win against Raufoss in the 1st division

– I am very happy and grateful that I had the opportunity to come here, says Erik Emanuel Longe Grønner, which is his full name.

– Felt ready

– The coaching team threw me straight into it, which I also felt ready for. I’m happy that we got a lot of points, and I was able to contribute with a few goals and assists. I feel like I’ve done a lot, but I also have a lot to go. I’ll just have to see what happens next. It is a bit uncertain, pointed out the attacker from Tåsen in Oslo on Saturday.

– It has been a positive loan. He has scored quite a few goals and got playing time. It’s incredibly fun to watch, Håvard Flo in Sogndal previously told Agderposten.

Both Sogndal and Jerv are dueling for promotion to the elite series.

Sogndal is in fourth place, while Jerv is number six.

Both clubs are thus within the top 6 that provide at least promotion qualification after the last league round.

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