– It feels very good. When the situation was the way it was in Sarpsborg, and I didn’t get many opportunities, it was very nice to have the opportunity to come here. I know what I’m getting into, even if it’s a new coach.

He arrived in Gjemselund on Monday morning, and after a short meeting with Vegard Hansen and the rest of the coaching team, there was breakfast in the living room and a happy reunion with many familiar faces.

That several people were happy to see Hoel Andersen again could be heard when the teammates once again sang and hummed the supporters’ cry from last autumn: “Who let the dogs out? Hoel, Hoel, Hoel, Hoel”.  

– I have heard a lot of good things about Vegard and I know the vast majority of people in the club, and know how good a club it is, how good a group it is, and there are consistently good people in the club. So the choice was easy when an opportunity opened up.

In the spring season, Hoel Andersen has been involved in a total of eight Sarpsborg 08 matches divided between series and cup. He scored two goals.

Now he is ready for a loan to KIL this autumn, and hopes it will be a good solution for both parties, after little playing time in Sarpsborg.

– It didn’t start in the best way. I was out the whole run-up, first with illness and then a long-term injury. It was a shame in a way, I entered there as a challenger to show myself and what lives in one. And I can understand that it is not so easy to play a player in form during a season, even if you wanted to. It is not a wish to sit on the bench and not be able to contribute, that was not why I came there. That an opportunity opened up here was very nice and very tempting.

Reunion pleasure

Throughout the winter, spring and summer, Hoel Andersen has kept a close eye on his old team and has been in contact with several of his teammates and friends from last year.

– It has been very positive, and the performance has really only gotten better and better over the course of the season. There is something very exciting going on here and there is a lot of quality in the team, so it could be a very exciting autumn.

– It was just absolutely lovely to sit in Peisestua again. I’ve missed the whole gang, and it was good to see those faces again and nice to be welcomed in that way. It was really nice.

The ambitions are also clear before the team embarks on the last half of the season.

– Now we are where we are, so now you just have to go for it, I think. I don’t think the opportunity has been any greater almost, ever. So we just have to be aggressive and bet.

– I assume you haven’t changed much as a player in these months, and that the audience recognizes you as a player?

– I am coming back and have been in full training, at least for two months. I am full of energy and motivation and very ready to contribute immediately.

The apartment situation is already sorted, so the 27-year-old is moving back to the city.

– Perfect signature

After a short meeting with the trainers, it was off to the training field for the first session in the well-known red clothes.

– I have actually talked mostly with Espen until now, but I had a good chat with Vegard and the rest in town. I look forward to getting to know them too. I’m really looking forward to it, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Sporting director Espen Nystuen has followed Hoel Andersen’s situation throughout the spring, and is very pleased to have last year’s goalscorer back in the squad.

– This is a perfect signing for us now. Martin knows the guys, and they know him. He needs no adjustment period. We hope that we can help each other this autumn, says Nystuen. 

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