We are delighted that Ryan Lee Nelson is finally in place at Raufoss Football! The energetic midfield terrier has been high on the wish list of sporting director Fredrik Greve Monsen for the past two years.

The Englishman has worked hard since coming to Norway in 2017, where he spent two seasons in Valdres in the 3rd division, before landing at Gjøvik from 2019. There he quickly became a leading player who contributed greatly to the promotion of Gjøvik Lyn to Post Nord league in 2021.

He is originally from Durham, and played for, among other things, the championship club with the lovely name Squad of the Queen of the South FC before he set course for Norway as a 19-year-old.

In the years that have passed, he has had a very impressive development, and has shown himself to be an increasingly stronger, smarter and faster footballer.

Now he is ready to play in yellow and black in the OBOS league, he has signed a 2.5 year contract. The paperwork and first training with the team was completed this morning. We are hoping for the go-ahead from the NFF so that he can hang up the jersey and be in the squad already on Wednesday for the match against FK Jerv.

Thanks to SK Gjøvik Lyn for orderly negotiations in the transition process.

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