MFK player Aksel Baran Potur is now in place in Turkey and is starting the assembly with the Turkish U21 national team. 

How are you?
– I feel very well and am in place in Turkey now. The training sessions have gone very well, while at the same time they have been very educational for me, says Potur. 

How does it feel to get this opportunity, this is probably due to your good development and performance for Moss FK this season? 
– I am very happy that I have been given this opportunity, and I feel that I have developed and performed well for Moss FK this season. Nevertheless, there is still a lot I can work on and get even better at, which motivates me a lot.

And what position/role are you envisioned in the private international matches for Turkey? 
– I am intended to play a role quite similar to the one I usually play in Moss FK, which actually suits me quite well, concludes Potur from his national team meeting in Turkey.

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