After two weeks with no games, there is an obvious and cheerful centre-back who is ready to fight again tomorrow.

– It is clear that it has been good to have a few quieter weeks now, to clear my head and recharge my batteries. I think there were many tired and sore bodies after the Kongsvinger match. But now we are ready to go to war tomorrow.

Eggen Rismark further says that it rained a bit against Kongsvinger and that it did not turn out as the match plan was originally. That the team was simply a bit on edge in that match.

– But now there is good energy in the group, and you are ready to try to take three points against Mjøndalen on Saturday?

– Absolutely, there has been a good atmosphere all the way, we are up there, and we have great faith that we can take three points against Mjøndalen.

Christian ends the interview by confirming that he is ready to score a goal, as he did against Sogndal when we met them at Ekstra Arena. But should the opportunity present itself, he likes to clinch the ball into the goal with his left foot as well. But the most important thing is that the team makes a good performance and takes three points as a result, then scoring can be a bonus in that case.

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