When Lasse Qvigstad received a message on Friday 9.6 by phone, to report to Oslo the following Monday morning. Superficial; He had been selected for the U21 national team which was to play two friendly matches against Scotland with the “new” U21 team in Spain. Did he not have high expectations of a lot of playing time in any of the games.

You can be so wrong! In the first match which took place on Thursday last week, Qvigstad played 80 minutes at right back. In the second game, which took place on Sunday, he was one of two players who played 90 minutes. He started at left back, and finished as a centre-back. Both games ended in a draw, 0-0 in the first and 1-1 in the second.

– What was it like to be at your very first national team meeting?

– It was a lot of fun, and really good. A very nice group, and the training sessions were exciting and good. At the same time that the matches went well. So it was a great experience, says Qvigstad, smiling in the sun.

– How was it to get as much playing time as you did?

– It was very surprising, and not something I had any hopes for, but it just goes to show that you have to be at the station when the whistle blows. And not least take the chance when you get it, then there are opportunities for everyone.

Even with good years in the Salmar academy to develop, Qvigstad does not hide the loan to Ranheim, with confidence in the eleven since his OBOS league debut in the 3rd round has ensured that the national team management caught the eye of him.

– If it hadn’t been for Ranheim, I probably wouldn’t have been selected for the U21 national team, no. I feel that it has only gone one way since I came to Ranheim. In RBK, I had a good training day and I regularly played in the 3rd division, but the eye of the needle for a place in the first team was all the more difficult. So with the loan agreement, a lot of positive things have happened in the months I’ve been in Ranheim for my part, says Qvigstad.

Former Ranheim player Elias Hoff Melkersen was also in the squad, and played in both games.

PS1! At the same time, we congratulate Nicklas Frenderuo and Trinidad and Tobago for participating in the Gold Cup. Trinidad and Tobago progressed after winning an appeal, which involved Nicaragua having used two players who were not eligible to play for the team. This means in practice that Nicklas is in the squad that will play the Gold Cup this summer, and “extends” his stay with the national team. We wish Nicklas the best of luck in the Gold Cup. 

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