Anterior cruciate ligament

Examinations on Monday showed that the anterior cruciate ligament in Simen Rafn’s knee is torn, which means surgery and a long training period for the solid back. 

“Incredibly crazy and not what I had envisioned. It’s a shame that I won’t be able to be on the pitch and help the team achieve our goals, but I have full confidence that the group will make it. It’s a solid group of players and I will contribute with what I can off the field. I’m super motivated to come back stronger and already looking forward to being back on the field.” Simen himself tells. 

Will come back stronger

Simen Rafn has delivered solid matches for FFK so far this year, unfortunately this season is over for the Skogstrand boy, but next year he will be back stronger than ever. 

“Simen has really delivered so far this year, both on and off the pitch. It’s very sad that he won’t be able to contribute this autumn, but Simen will come back even stronger next year. We have a top medical and physical team that will help him back to its best level.” Says Joacim Heier. 

Looking for reinforcements

The club is already looking for reinforcements as Rafn is out for the rest of the season. 

“It will not be easy to replace the league’s best full-back. We also have good solutions internally for the right-back position, so it is not necessarily the case that we are only looking for a pure replacement for Simen, but what will be best for the team as a whole. ” Concludes Cheers.

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