After a season with poor results, Gard Holme has chosen to resign as head coach for Skeid.

– I see that the team needs a change, and I am now stepping aside to create that change. I am sorry that the development this year has not gone as we would have liked. At the same time, I look back on almost four content-rich and fun years in Skeid. When I get a little distance from this and reflect more on the time at the club, I will probably look back on some of my most exciting years as a coach, and it has been a pleasure to work with everyone in Skeid from many players through several editions of the team, volunteers, support staff and the club in general. I am very happy with both the player group and all the wonderful people in Skeid, and have faith that they will be able to turn this around together, says Gard himself.

Did an important job for Skeid

Gard Holme came to Skeid after relegation in 2019, and quickly turned a disappointed group into believing in themselves with positive football. In his first season as our head coach, we finished in second place behind a superb Fredrikstad, where we conceded penalties against Asker in the qualification for the OBOS league. In his second season, it ended with promotion and a solid victory in the 2nd division. Last year in the OBOS league offered a lot of good games, but many one-goal losses and margins against before it all turned around in the autumn and a series of the last 15 games that gave 6th place in the autumn table culminated with 8-1 in the qualifying over two games against Arendal.

– We chose to run out with Gard last year, and we got paid for that. This year’s performance has been so poor that change can now release energy, says general manager Daniel Holmeide Strand.

It is with good intentions that Gard Holme leaves Skeid. From Skeid’s board, sports manager Jo Andreas Gundersen would like to thank Gard for the cooperation.

– Gard has been a driving force behind the development of Skeid. He has never screamed the loudest about money for player purchases and salaries, but has been concerned with creating lasting values ​​that make Skeid better over time. That he now chooses to step aside says a lot about his integrity and that he puts club and team before himself.

Still possible

The fact that we are now where we are with 6 points up to qualification makes the starting point demanding, but not impossible.

– There are 33 points to play for, so it’s not over yet. We will get back with information about who will take over as soon as possible, concludes Gundersen. 

Skeid has brought in Arne Erlandsen for a short-term commitment to try to save the place in the Obosligaen.

Erlandsen has a high profile, as a player and coach, in Norwegian top football for several decades. In 2016, he took over a Lillestrøm that was at the bottom of the table with six games and four points to a safe place. At the time, he turned this into a renewed agreement, and led the club to cup gold the following year. He has previously coached clubs such as IFK Göteborg, Ham-Kam, Ull/Kisa, Moss, Fredrikstad and Finnish KuPS

Jo Andreas Gundersen on Skeid’s board is happy to have Erlandsen on board:

– Arne is a heavyweight in Norwegian football, and brings with him enormous experience and expertise that we can benefit from. We have come to an impasse, so bringing in someone who can make things simple and put things back in place will be important if we are going to be able to turn it around.

Erlandsen takes over the team from today, Monday 21 and leads the team against Ranheim on Wednesday.

– I am looking forward to the challenge and looking forward to meeting the support staff and players. Now we will start working, and we will get results, says Arne himself.

We thank Kvik Halden for an orderly and good process. 

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