After a loss against Gjøvik/Lyn in the cup, and a subsequent loss against Fredrikstad in the series, a discussion arose in the media about IK Start’s goal/ambition for the season.

The statements from the board, general manager and sports manager were startling and confusing, and we fully understand that our supporters question our communication. We have needed to work our way through this internally in the board and club management in recent weeks, and have not responded to inquiries from the media about the ongoing talks. We would like to emphasize that this concerns how we should handle discussions and disagreements internally with us, and not a conflict between the club director and sports manager.

We have now had a review of the division of labor in the club and clarified the roles of the club director and sports director vis-à-vis the board, where the board will mainly relate to the club director in the future.

The board, club director and sports director work together to further develop IK Start both sportingly and administratively. We hope that all our members and supporters will help and support us in our further work with this.

IK Start’s goal for 2023 is promotion, and this was adopted by the board in December 2022 after good discussions and input from both the sporting and administrative departments. After 3-0 against Mjøndalen last time, we have created a good starting point for an exciting autumn season where we will fight to move up to the Eliteserien. Players, other employees and the board must do our best to achieve the objective, and we hope for good support from members, supporters and our partners.

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