Increase of 23%

When the 2022 season was over, it could be ascertained that an average of 3,840 tickets had been sold for FFK’s matches in the OBOS league. In 2017 the number was 3913 and in 2016 it was 4342. This year, however, the number has increased sharply, the average number of tickets sold at the Stadium after 8 out of 15 matches totals 4752! 

You have to go back to 2012 and play in the Eliteserien to beat that number. Rumors about the football city’s death are perhaps greatly exaggerated? 

12th place in the Eliteserien

Although it is not quite right to compare, all the while the number would have been significantly higher if FFK actually played in the Eliteserien, so it is still fun to compare. The conclusion halfway through the season is that FFK, with OBOS ball, ranks as Norway’s 12th most visited football arena. In front of Stabæk, Sandefjord, HamKam, Tromsø and Haugesund. 

Continuing after the summer? 

Whether the Fredrikstad audience can maintain the number, or even increase the average beyond the autumn, time will tell. There will be some very interesting matches against e.g. Kristiansund and Sogndal at the Stadium in the autumn, but Bryne will visit first on Wednesday 9 August. 

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