Just before the home game against KFUM Oslo, Mats Thornes was injured. Eight weeks later, he is finally back on the field. 

– I have trained a lot alternatively with good help from Åge Skjeldestad. There have been many different physical exercises with cycling, swimming and many hours in the strength room. Bet that all that training will come in handy when I’m back on the pitch, Mats Selmer tells Thornes.

On 11 June, Åsane finally got a win in the OBOS league. The team has had a lot of trouble in the spring season, but at Jæren it turned around.

An arena and team, historically speaking, that Åsane has struggled against in the past. The orange won 2-1 away from home against Bryne. Thornes clearly sees that the victory has contributed to his teammates lifting their heads again.

– It helped a lot with a win and three points. The shoulders are lowered and there is positive energy. You see it on the field – the players let loose more. It is very nice to see, notes the creative midfielder. 

Morten Røssland gets two players back after injury. Mats is mentioned, but Lars Kilen is also back. The latter came on against Bryne on Jæren after several weeks on the sidelines.

What does Morten Røssland want with you, now that you are back from injury?

– Two offensive players with x-factors. We create many chances. Lars is a good shooter. More shots will probably be released now than in the spring season. I am eager to play the other good ones. Set them up with good passes. I hope that I can contribute with both goals and goal-scoring going forward.

Åsane is last in the table, but the victory against Bryne means that Åsane has a hold on the teams above. It’s not far to safe ground, but to get there the players have to fight for the points.

hen you look at the table, we stand with eight points. The table situation does not lie, but based on how we have played, we deserved more. If we compare with how we have played and created chances, there are several notches up from last year’s season, but it is about putting the ball in the goal. We did that to Bryne. We are betting that this trend will continue – and that we will score goals against Kristiansund, smiles the likeable Åsane player.

But will it be a tough match against Kristiansund?

– Yes, it will be a tough match. A good team aiming for promotion. If we play against our best, we can beat any team, Mats Thornes asserts.

We completely agree with that! All you have to do is turn up on Sunday – kick-off is at 3pm and the players need your support from the stands.

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