Welcome to Oslo Noa Williams! Fredrikstad’s Swedish winger is coming on loan to us, and we are looking forward to seeing the strong dribbling and fast winger slalom in the OBOS league.

– Noa was a fixture at Fredrikstad from the time he arrived in the summer of 2021 until the end of last year, and was brought in for a hefty sum of money to be a team in the 1st division. It is someone they have and still have great faith in, but who was a bit of a victim of the system changes in Fredrikstad this year. They are now playing without typical wing players, and sportingly it has worked well so far for them, one might say, playing without them. This means that a player we never thought we could get hold of before the season was now available, and we have therefore been trying to reach an agreement here for a long time, says general manager Daniel Holmeide Strand.

One of the league’s greatest talents

For Noa Williams, most recently before the season, TV 2 named him the seventh biggest talent in the league, with the following description:

“Lightningly fast. That is the Swede’s biggest x-factor. Will probably be seen in an inside runner role in the “new” FFK. But can also occupy a wing position. Loves to have his nose aimed at the goal. If you give this player two centimetres, then you can curse him to pass you.”

And precisely passing is Noa’s great strength, and a skill Gard Holme has wanted in the team.

– We wanted a winger who threatens space, is more direct in the game and can create imbalance. We get that going in Noa, and very often we have a climate in the matches where he gets to use the skills he is best at. With Noa in, it will be more difficult to defend against us, says the coach himself.

Thanks for the cooperation

Noa is the second player we borrow from Fredrikstad this year, where his teammate Tage Johansen is already in place.

– We have a good relationship with Fredrikstad, and even though we have had some even and close matches in recent years, the balance of power is such that, without any major discussion, they are slightly bigger than us in Skeid, so that they place players with us for further development benefits both parties when we get hold of players on a shelf like these two boys. It is orderly to deal with them, and there may soon be more in the future if the opportunity arises, concludes Daniel.

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